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January 15, 2007

Boys and flashes and homework, oh my!

My best friend can be so confusing, um, he's a guy (yes, that's him over there), and he likes me, and I like him, blah blah blah -- it's been like this for a year and a half, so we're used to it. So today he was like ignoring me this morning but this afternoon he was just kinda like "YAY JESSIE!" and it was confusing, because I didn't know what he was doing...I dunno. He confuses me sometimes. He's really sweet though.

Anyways. Today during Chapel there was this guy taking pictures. There are several reasons why I hated this.
  • I have a problem with zits. Pictures make it worse.
  • I do not enjoy the umbrella type flashes. The photographer was using umbrella type flashes.
  • It was making it hard to concentrate on God.
It wasn't cool, dude! I mean, come on!

And then I have muchness homeworks. Such as chemistry and Spanish. (Actually, that's about it.)

I'm workin' on the blogskin, promise!

So long!

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