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February 02, 2007

It's been awhile...

Yeah, I hate being lazy about posting n' stuff.

I've discovered that blogskins are impossible to make for the new blogger, and also that my spacebar has issues. It's not typing the space until I type the next word after the space. This is very annoying to me. Anyways...

I'm going on a ski trip tomorrow, and it's going to be really really cold. Woohoo. But really, I'm excited. Also, today was a very cool day for school, because we didn't really have any classes. It was kind of like a one-room schoolhouse...very very awesome. So I got to hang out with Jacob, Paul, Daniel, Natalie, Emily, and Casey all day.

I'm kind of worried about my friend Jon, because he's really slipping away from God a lot recently. He makes fun of me whenever I try to let him know that he's doing something that's not really godly, and he doesn't seem interested in anything God-related. Jacob's working on him too, so I hope that things will get better soon...but, y'know, all I can really do is pray.

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